Sunday, May 31, 2009

finding my way back

i was surfing blogs this morning, trying to catch up on your lives. trying to figure out who is out of school already, who is on vacation, who is expecting(!), who is exercising, who is crafting... trying to figure out why i am not doing any of the above. (well, with the exception of the expecting part. i'm quite content with my one, thank you very much.)

trying to figure out what it would take to get me back into a blogging routine...

i don't really have a "running list" of things that i *need* to blog about;
i don't have a stash of photos waiting to be uploaded;
i don't have any great big news to share;
i don't have a clue what spt challenge to offer you.

i'm trying to heed the age-old advice given about getting back into *any* routine: just jump back in there and do it! kind of like strapping your running shoes back on. only, DON'T go THERE with me right now.

so, i grabbed my camera in the hopes of capturing my world right now. (it should tell you something that i had to steal batteries out of a remote control just to use my camera.) i feel this post should come with a viewer's discretionary warning: it ain't pretty. but it is real. proceed with caution.

picture, if you will, Sunday morning. Sundays are my only *real* day off this time of year. as you can imagine, i am thoroughly exhausted by the time Sunday rolls around. unfortunately, all of the STUFF that should get done throughout the week has waited patiently for me to attend to on Sunday.

laundry. it is never-ending. and we only have three people in our family. AND? i did laundry last Sunday. how does it get to this every week?

my haven, my place of rest, my master bedroom. in a total state of clutteredness. and i know that's not a word, but it works. you've been there. you know.

the dust. the sand. the sandy dust. it accumulates everywhere! my white ceiling fans are running furiously, and even *they* are grungy. how does dust stick to moving parts, anyway??

even under Elvis' watchful eye, my houseplants are doomed!

the state of the kitchen table, the heart of the home. a bicycle helmet, an Easter decoration, camping gear, and my beautiful mosaic'd orbs that (admittedly) were set out at Christmas to be "Christmas decorations." any guesses as to the last time we enjoyed a family meal around *this* table?

my gorgeous (free!) roll top desk. the only thing i can say about this is that it is a blessing AND a curse that this clutter can be hidden! thank goodness for online bill paying, i always say. otherwise, i might be blogging this post in the dark. with no internet access.

i'm stuck at home today with no car. why? because mat took my car. why? because his truck is, er, indisposed... again.

at "almost 40" i've decided it's time to finally find underwear that is comfortable AND that makes me feel "almost 25." call me crazy, but i will not go into the next decade in grannie panties!!

when we returned from a trip to philly in march, we found a little puppy damage. matty and i looked at each other and *swore* that we would not be those people who let damaged home items linger for months until they became invisible to us. ahem. it's the end of may.

jack has 6 1/2 days left of school. not surprisingly, his end-of-year backpack is much lighter than the bag he's toted around all year. why, you ask? because everything he's been toting around is ON MY BEAUTIFUL BENCH!!

hotel guests are really cranky in this economy. my days are filled with lots of *soothing conversations.* *soothing conversations,* by the way, is an intentional misnomer. if you are traveling this summer, PLEASE be nice to your hoteliers. we understand that you wanted to be at Disney World, and not the Hampton Inn. i'm sorry we don't offer character breakfasts and princess meet-and-greets. but wouldn't you like to try this new danish? and, those BRAND NEW high-def flat screen TVs are not too shabby, either! (HAMPTON INN PLUG: if you book the Hampton Inn Webkinz special between June 1 and August 31, you will receive one exclusive Webkinz at check in - we have a "cherry blossom bird," a "springer spaniel" and the increasingly popular "gerbil.")

now, please don't get me wrong. it's not all dust bunnies and disgruntled guests around here. we find plenty of time for soccer games. and movies. and jack has perfected the art of attending multiple birthday parties in one day.

there's also:

sidewalk chalk on a Saturday evening (the 3D chalk is very cool!)

monogrammed flags in the front yard

and 40% off of bright and cheerful purses.

whew! i feel oddly... relieved. lighter. ready to get back in there and tackle some more laundry!!

(oh, and Chris, i put that "like" button down there just for you!!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


sorry, kids - it's been a CRAZY tuesday!!

anyone know where i can borrow some time?!?

Friday, May 15, 2009

friday night at the ericksons

please, try to keep your feelings of jealousy to yourself.

it's hard to perfect this kind of fun, people...

happy weekend!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


something new!!

we're almost done! WHEEEEEE!!!!

edited: look... a new friend in the pool this afternoon!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

so easy lelly could do it

mothers day was so peaceful, i found time to craft. these bookmark/cards were fun to do with my cricut. and so easy...

happy mother's day

could not have been more peaceful...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

spt - something old

you all know how i LOVE my "ground scores" - in other words, that random stuff that is set out by the side of the road looking for someone to love! last night on my walk, i scored this great "old" mirror. i had to call matty to swing by with his truck to pick it up before somebody else grabbed it (can you see me walking down the road with this great big mirror? and a dog?)

while it is hiding out in the craft room/media center/getaway space, waiting for the perfect placement, i realized i've never shown off another score from a few months back: these "old" pressboard bookshelves from my parents house. we painted them a barn red, slapped a little crown molding on top, and now they "organize" my creative supplies. ha ha... i said "organize." well, it gets them off the floor!!

(my ultimate plan is to put curtain "doors" on the bottom. i'll let you know if that happens...)

you can also spy, in the background of these photos, an "old" side table and dresser, repainted and repurposed, an "old" youth pottery barn table and chair set, my "old" table that i use as a work table, all FREE to us!! (oh, and an "old" pair of jack's pants with a hole in the knee. actually, they're not that "old." what is it about 8 year old boys and hole-y knees???)

do you ever take someone else's "old" stuff and make it "new" again??

Sunday, May 03, 2009

spt challenge

going back into the vault this month, to an spt challenge i really loved! hope you will join along!!

tuesday, may 5 something old
tuesday, may 12 something new
tuesday, may 19 something borrowed
tuesday, may 26 something blue

take it literally, take it figuratively, but by all means, make a commitment to complete all four challenges for the month of may!

'tis sometimes better to receive...

have you heard about my recent virus? how coincidental that this occurred during "gift a stranger" week???