Tuesday, June 28, 2011

spt 06.28.2011

i am not a numbers person. i don't get excited by mathematical things: formulas, equations, mean/medians/and modes...

i had to take one math course in college. it was a Statistics course. i forced myself to sit in the front row and become one with the numbers. it sucked. but i passed! and now, in my grownup life, i have to look at a lot of numbers: forecasts, budgets, occupancies... in the scope of things that fall under the title of "General Manager," it is the numbers things that that challenge me the most.

but i've had a lot of numbers on my mind recently, and so i thought, in an effort to embrace my inner statistician, it might be fun to give you a post filled with numbers. ready?

tomorrow is the 11th anniversary of Hampton Inn Southport;
as of the 5th of July, i will have worked here for 11 years;
there are 80 rooms in the hotel;
we buy an average of 65 lbs of bananas every week;
matty will be 40 on the 30th;
i have run over 204 miles since January;
i eat, on average, 1250 calories a day;
i have lost 44 lbs;
i recently ran my 3rd 5K race of 2011;
it was my 4th race of the year;
it's almost time for the annual 4th of July Festival!;
this morning when i woke up, the humidity was 84%;
i have only completed 45 blog posts this year;
i am about to add 1 more to the list!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

spt 06.21.2011

thank goodness for my "commitment" to spt, otherwise i might never blog a thing! i don't know why the thought of sitting down and composing a post that is longer than 140 characters feels so daunting to me (i'm looking at you, Twitter!) so today, i give you a bonus photo! and maybe i'll use 140 characters to describe each one.

summer is here, in full force! here's the thing: i'm loving it!! i'm loving summer!! the beach, the sand, the humidity, the lack of structure, the drive to camp every morning. if you know me - at all - you are shaking your head in disbelief. i know! but there you have it. hope you are enjoying yours, as well.

summer always brings my sister, patricia, and her family to the beach from Atlanta for a week or two. in the past, i've done a really craptastic job of spending time with them during their vacation. it is really hard to be the one "at work" when "everyone else" is playing. well, guess what? not THIS year! this year we are beaching it together, and enjoying meals together, having our pictures taken together, and babysitting each others' children!

in fact, one night, i found myself with four children in my care. f-o-u-r. that is four times as many as i usually have to worry about. and? two of them are still in diapers! I KNOW!!! we had a blast, and it turns out that jack is a much more patient babysitter than i am ;)

i continue to convince my body that we are much happier when we are exercising, and to that end, i bought my first big girl pair of running shoes. it's kind of an intimidating process, what with the having to run-on-the-treadmill-in-the-store in front of the-really-cute-and-fit-salesman. an hour later, and with a *much* lighter wallet, i was the proud owner of a pair of Sauconys.

i began breaking them in with a 9 mile walk with my sister (who is training for the Three Day Walk for the Cure this fall). this weekend, i'll run my fourth race of 2011, and i have another 10K in my sights for July.

i'd write some more, but i have to clean off my desk, because this evening? after work? i'm going to the beach!

will you take a self-portrait today? leave me a comment and let me know!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

spt 06.14.2011

we had our annual team party to celebrate the anniversary of the hotel, and this year we headed out for a three hour cruise along the Intracoastal Waterway.

as i am currently "between wardrobes," and refusing to buy anything new, i shopped in my closet and threw together a look that i like to call "deck hand chic."

gotta love navy stripes!

Friday, June 03, 2011

winding down

i feel like i never just sit on the porch and drink coffee anymore. i've always enjoyed my mornings, my ME time, those precious hours (minutes, more likely) when i am free to sit still and... well, sitting still was pretty much it. for the past few months, my mornings have been all about the workouts. i still get my ME time. but it involves less coffee and more sweat. (i really am okay with this!)

remember my son, jack? well, this is about all i see of him these days! he finally was bit by the HP bug, and is cruising through the books. after a challenging academic semester - we've been tweaking our approach to ADHD - he has fallen into the habit of reading whenever he gets a chance. NOTHING pleases me more than the fact that this child has found a way to find his own moments of still.

i've been to the beach twice this year! that is huge for this girl. as a family, we don't take advantage of the beach as much as we should. it's very easy for me to get agitated by the heat, the sand, the feeling of salt water drying on my skin... but we are learning to enjoy our Sunday afternoon sojourns, sand and all.

soccer ended yesterday, and we are heading into the last week of school. we have no big plans for the summer months. we'll just be here, happily perfecting our still.