Wednesday, January 01, 2014

#31daydress: more and less

if i've learned anything about myself over the past few years of tremendous growth, it's that in order to be successful at ANYTHING, i have to be truly mindful of where i'm going.

doing the 100 day burpee challenge? mindful that i had to put on a sports bra every single day.
running a marathon? mindful that i gave up a good part of almost every Saturday for four months.
raising an almost teenager? mindful of every word that comes out of my mouth.
detaching from anothers addictions? mindful that i can choose to be kind.
jeans not feeling comfy? mindful that i was NOT mindful about  my food choices the past month

i have a lot of magic to create in this new year.  and in order to do that, i must be mindful of the creation.  i have a word, i have some goals, but most importantly, i have a 31 day activity to kick my mindfulness into high gear:

it's my own little wardrobe project.

for the month of january, i have pared down my wardrobe to just one dress, and a handful of accessories.  i will use other things from my closet to mix and match (think sweaters, tights, scarves), and i will wear my running clothes when appropriate.  but other than that? it's me and my dress.

wearing the same dress every day is the no-brainer.  strip down the choices and add things back only with intention? that's the challenge. one month is totally manageable, right? right?!? (and truth be told, it will most likely be 30 days, not 31, as it is almost noon on the first and i have no reason to change from pyjayzees today.)

at first, i considered buying a new dress for this project, but i was mindful that i had several to choose from in my closet already. the dress i chose is a White Stag jersey knit i probably picked up a few years ago at the store that shall not be named. it is sleeveless with a scoop neck, yet was an awkward length for layering. in preparation for the project, i chopped six inches from the bottom and now it's good to go!

i'm excited that this little project will help kick my mindfulness into high gear; that it will create a path on which i will be mindful of other things, in other months. here we go!!

edited: i took inspiration for this project from the uniform project and project 333


Crystal said...

I love this idea! Right now I'm living out of pj's and workout clothes. It's a rarity to be in anything else or to even have my hair down.

You may have just inspired me to resolve to dress like a girl more often.

I can't wait to follow along.

Sarah MomRunningonEmpty said...

Such a fun idea! This would be a tough one for me because of the industry that I work in and my position requiring a suit every day but I'd love to try to live with more purpose, intention and mindfulness!

The I's Have It said...

Day one, the lumberjack look (I mean that in a good way, naturally). Talk to me about brown boots with a primarily black outfit. Is that a thing? I got a sweet pair of brown boots for Christmas, it was an amazing gift...but most of my outfits call for, in my mind, black shoes. Because the outfit is black-ish. Can I wear brown boots with black? Can I, can I??

eleanor erickson said...

i overcame my intolerance of the brown boots/black outfit last year. and it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. embrace it!!

The I's Have It said...