Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#31daydress Week 3 Recap

Week 3 has passed, and I'm still going strong, with no repeat outfits. (In all fairness, I spent the weekend alternating between workout clothes and pajamas.  I felt a twinge of guilt, but it passed quickly.  It's not often that I can spend an entire weekend in comfy clothes, and it really only took a few moments for me to get over the fact that I wasn't wearing the dress.    

I manage a hotel in a market where "business casual" is the norm.  (Who are we kidding? I work in a market where "business khaki shorts and flip flops" are the norm.  Even in January!) We are currently in the throes of an 80 guest room renovation, which means I've been striving for more of a "business casual comfortable" style many days. I think there are coworkers who STILL don't realize I'm wearing the same dress every day! 

Favorite outfit of the week: Yellow striped tee, denim shirt, gray upcycled "scarf" (with matching flower pin!), black leggings, slouchy black boots

Nuisance of the week: Putting on tights.  I hate it.  I think all tights manufacturers should put tags in their tights so you know which is the front and which is the back.  I promise you, it DOES matter!

I am mindful of: Several people have stopped me or messaged me to compliment me on my outfits (thanks for following along on the adventure!) I know not everyone "gets" what I'm doing, but it's fun that people are noticing. It's giving me inspiration to get creative and finish out the month with no repeat outfits. It's really helping me get a clear picture of what I'm going to keep in my closet after January 31st, and what I will donate.  Stay tuned!

(What is the #31daydress challenge? Click here for some background. Want to see what I wore the first week? Click here. Week two? Click here.)


The I's Have It said...

I agree with your favorite outfit of the week. Super cute.

I don't really know what your goal is with this exercise, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Brandi said...

This is so exciting! I may even give it a try next month (after my Amazon order gets here full of new clothes). I'm loving your journey:)

Lene said...

My favorite picture is the one with the photo-bomb...