Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#31daydress Week 4 Recap

Week 4 is in the bag! The 31st is in plain sight!! I almost can't believe I am nearing the end of this wardrobe project. (Or am I?)   

I'm writing today's recap under a winter storm warning.  Yes, coastal North Carolina has finally succumbed to the Polar Vortex.  Or something. Schools and government offices are shut down in anticipation of some icy, snowy weather. But you know who's open? OH, YES. The hotel does not close.  In fact, we continue renovations in the face of your winter storm warning!! Take *that*, universe!

This past week included wearing the dress to Jack's first ever District Band auditions. That will be a post in and of itself, believe me. For now, here's a recap of the past week.

Favorite outfit of the week: Black long sleeve cardigan, skinny jeans, black slouchy boots and two - count  'em - TWO infinity scarves (red and pink worn together). 

Nuisance of the week: We didn't have heat in our house for a good portion of this past week. UGH. Waking up to a cold house is HARD, people. There were plenty of mornings that I wanted to throw on layers upon layers of running clothes and sweatshirts instead of the dress.  Instead, I dug deep and came up with some layers we haven't seen yet during this challenge (red puffy vest, anyone?) I am also very, very VERY thankful that living without heat for a few days was just a nuisance in my world, and not a way of life.

I am mindful of: I wear a lot of scarves.  Like, A. LOT. I obviously had a lot of scarves in my closet to begin this challenge, and I typically will wear a scarf at least once or twice a week.  I'm noticing that the scarf (or scarves) has become an even more prominent accessory for me.  Some others of you are noticing, as well.  Thank you to my good friend, Chris Riker, who gifted me with a lovely new scarf as part of a good mail package over the weekend!!

I've been asked if I will continue, or repeat, this wardrobe challenge.  While it's tempting (seriously), I think I'll wait until Spring before I consider doing another one.  Who knows??

(What is the #31daydress challenge? Click here for some background. Want to see what I wore the first week? Click here. Week two? Click here. And three is here. And, as always, you can follow me in IG @lelly28461))

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