Tuesday, January 07, 2014

#31daydress Week 1 Recap

The first seven days of my mindfulness wardrobe project have gone by quickly! I'm happy to say that I'm still having fun with it, and thought a weekly summary would be a great way to capture my thoughts. (Hope you're following along on Instagram @lelly28461!)

One of the first things I realized when I was planning this project was that January can be a challenging time to wear a dress. Yep, even here in coastal North Carolina, where our winter temps are usually in the 40s, we are experiencing some crazy fluctuations. This morning, it feels like 6 degrees. Forty-eight hours from now, it should be in the mid 50s. 

How do I create an outfit around a dress on those colder days? Layers. And lots of 'em. I am actually a big fan of layers, so this hasn't seemed like too big a challenge. On Sunday night, I flat out wore the dress over a pair of jeans (I really thought that would feel awkward), but it came together in a cute tunic-y way. At least, I hope it did, because I have a feeling I'll be rocking it again before the end of the month!

Favorite outfit of the week: black long sleeve cardigan, boyfriend jeans, black socks, black loafers, striped pink scarf. 

Nuisance of the week: My dress has no pockets, which is especially troublesome at work. This is typical of women's business casual attire, I'm afraid. 

I am mindful of: It's cold. Cold enough to delay school openings in our coastal community, which sparked an interesting outpouring of opinions across social media channels last night. It is challenging to create an outfit around the dress when I would rather bundle up in fleece and sweats. I'm thankful that  this challenge is a *choice* for me, and that fleece and sweats are readily available to me should the need arise. There are many, many people who don't have that option. 

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AliMoonGoddess said...

Looks great over jeans! Might be my favorite look actually. I'm impressed. Doubt I could do it. Maybe I could wear the same pair of jeans everyday for 31 days....but that might be as much as I could get away with. So creative.