Wednesday, February 05, 2014

#31daydress the final recap

One month. One dress.  A lot of fun!!

January zipped right along, and I can truly say that by the last week and a half or so, I didn't even notice I was wearing the same dress. (And, yes, I have coworkers who STILL didn't realize it, right up until the end!)

So, how did it go? What have I accomplished?

It was GREAT, and I had a lot of fun! I wore the dress every day but two (when I wore workout clothes and pajamas and called it good). I used scarves, sweaters, leggings, jeans, jackets, more scarves, hats, and... I never repeated an ensemble!!

I don't think I started the challenge with the intention of wearing a different outfit every day, but as it evolved, it became fun to mix and match differently. Overall, I used 4 pairs of pants, 9 long sleeve cardigans/blazers. 3 vests, 5 sweaters, 1 sweatshirt, 1 jacket, many shirts/blouses and multiple pairs of tights/leggings.  I wore a lot of scarves and my four pairs of boots were in heavy rotation. Truth be told, MANY of these outfits can (and will) be worn again, without the dress. 

I did not purchase anything new during the challenge (although I was gifted an awesome scarf during that time.) Surprisingly, I used a lot more of my wardrobe than I thought I would, including a few pieces that I haven't worn in a long time. Sadly, I did not fall back in love with some of them, so they will be included in my final donation of clothing.

Most importantly, I felt really good during the challenge.  Out of 29 pretty distinct outfits, I would say 25 of them made me feel like a confident fashonista.  And what did I learn?
  • My winter wardrobe has just about the right amount of pieces in it.  If I want to add any, I will make a conscious effort to cull an older piece to keep the balance
  • I love, love, love to accessorize, and it's pretty obvious that "the scarf" is my signature item
  • Identifying a signature item made it easier to create distinct looks than I thought it would be. 
  • I don't why women don't demand more pockets in fashion.  I know they can be bulky and awkward, but juggling a phone, keys, clipboard, a pen and a lip gloss is a major part of each workday for me, and I really missed having pockets
  • (I sorta miss sharing my daily wardrobe photos)
Overall, I felt both mindful and creative throughout the month, and so I declare the project a success! Will I do it again? (People are asking!) Yes, I think I might.  But I will certainly wait until a different season; Spring, perhaps - when I can explore an entirely different set of shoes and accessories.

Have you ever done something that has challenged your creativity like this? How did you feel during the process? And after? Please share!!

(What is the #31daydress challenge? Click here for some background. Want to see what I wore the first week? Click here. Week two? Click here. And three is here. And four. And, as always, you can follow me in IG @lelly28461))