Saturday, February 27, 2010

star struck

a few days ago, i read a random tweet: tony hawk mentioned that there was a race in memory of his friend ray underhill in NC. and anyone in NC should check it out. i assumed that it would be in raleigh. or charlotte. or winston salem. no where close to me.

but when i found out that it was being held at a Nature Park 15 minutes from my house, i filed it away as a potentially fun thing to do on a Saturday morning. we could donate some money to cancer research, check out the new Nature Park, feel somehow connected to a (in our minds) mega star.

there was only the one tweet, with a link to the race site. my brother-in-law, who has taken up running mentioned he was planning on running. (i was not planning on running. oh, no! i was just going to "attend." take some photos. enjoy the great outdoors.) we joked that my nephew keeps calling tony hawk "@tonyhawk" (read: at tony hawk), t.h.'s twitter name.

this morning was gorgeous, and i woke up 18 pounds lighter than i was two months ago! i found myslef dressing like i was going to participate in the event. i laced up the new shoes matty got me just a week ago. and the, before i knew it, i was registering! and getting the t-shirt!

let me tell you, that 5K kicked my butt! i have never run on a trail before. heck, i haven't really "run" since that 10K, two hears ago. seriously, i have NO idea what possessed me.

it was brutal. the guy in the guatemalen belt and hiking boots beat me. i got a stitch in my side. my shins were SCREAMING! i don't even know what my time was, but thank you very much to the little girl who handed me a medal at the end. it made my morning, i tell ya.

that is, until i recognized who was standing by the water cooler. until i realized that he was actually there, at this off-the-map trail run in Brunswick County, NC. until i shook his hand and felt totally star struck.

(@lelly28461 @tonyhawk and adrian)

(doesn't jack look totally nervous next to one of his idols?!? do you think this kid could have asked for anything more cool for his birthday weekend?!?)

freakin' AMAZING morning!! ah, the power of twitter...

Friday, February 26, 2010

photoless phriday- the how much buffalo check is TOO much buffalo check edition

1) i bought a pair of jeans! and i might buy a second! i don't' know... i'm feeling a bit crazy like that (16 1/2 pounds)!

2) i have actually enlisted the help of a friend of mine to create some "looks" for my Dallas trip. i have no idea how to dress for Texas! (i kind of know what NOT to wear, or simply, "i won't be caught dead wearing THAT.") it's a bit overwhelming, no?

3) i am heading to Dallas a few days early to spend time with a high school friend. i don't know why it took me 5 or 6 years to realize that there is a way to build fun into business trips. travel for personal gain. i like it. (and, while i'm happy to be reconnecting with an old friend, i can't help but wish i were going early to spend time with Natasha and Carlo and Hoop...) (Go Green Wave!)

4)SPEAKING of which, i had the most wonderful phone call appointment with Carlo yesterday. we had a fantastic time catching up. (she is well! busy! navigating the waters with a pre. teen. daughter.) how much do i love that such a special friendship was born of blogging?!?

5) my social media geekiness has reached a new level, as i am currently tweeting all over the blogosphere. in fact, i am hosting a "tweetup" at the Hilton Anatole in an effort to bring 1700+ Hampton GMs together in a casual networking atmosphere (read: pre-conference after hours party in trendy hotel bar!) whattheheckamigonnaweartoTHAT?!?

6) totally unrelated to the upcoming trip, but mentioned here for memory's sake: jack had a nightmare last night, which is very unusual for him. he often does not like to talk about the details of his nightmares, especially the kind that wake up with that awful sense of reality still lingering. this morning, we were chatting about it over a great big (suffocating, actually) bear hug. turns out the crux of the nightmare was that i was bitten by a wolf and, "went away eternally." that kid. could he be any cuter?

i'm off to find a plaid shirt. i think.
or not.

happy weekend!

Monday, February 22, 2010

in denial

if you're wondering where i've been, if it seems like i've been in hiding, well i hope you can appreciate what i'm about to tell you:

i am going to Dallas in two weeks.

and i have to buy a pair of jeans...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 08, 2010

ridiculously random

i can't move my head to the left or right this morning.
i absolutely loved the Superbowl last night.
(even the game! especially the game!)
the Google ad might have been my fave.
i also loved the Green Police "we've got a battery!"
i bought some cute boots for my trip to Dallas.
i wish i was going back to NOLA, though.
my son is almost 9!! he looks like he is almost 13!!
(i never take pictures anymore)
(so you'll have to take my word for it)
i changed my email address (
i have a beatiful new nephew, Milo Jonathan
(again, no photos...)
i've lost 14.5 pounds.
but today i am feeling bloated and cranky.
the perfect brownie pan makes perfect rice krispie treats.
no wonder i am feeling bloated and cranky.
four more days until The Olympic Games!!
a friend of mine is pregnant, and i am over-the-moon happy!!