Monday, February 08, 2010

ridiculously random

i can't move my head to the left or right this morning.
i absolutely loved the Superbowl last night.
(even the game! especially the game!)
the Google ad might have been my fave.
i also loved the Green Police "we've got a battery!"
i bought some cute boots for my trip to Dallas.
i wish i was going back to NOLA, though.
my son is almost 9!! he looks like he is almost 13!!
(i never take pictures anymore)
(so you'll have to take my word for it)
i changed my email address (
i have a beatiful new nephew, Milo Jonathan
(again, no photos...)
i've lost 14.5 pounds.
but today i am feeling bloated and cranky.
the perfect brownie pan makes perfect rice krispie treats.
no wonder i am feeling bloated and cranky.
four more days until The Olympic Games!!
a friend of mine is pregnant, and i am over-the-moon happy!!


Kelly said...

Hooray for the new nephew and the pounds! Sorry about the bloated and cranky -- never good. I'm smiling big about that last one, too!

Barb said...

Well, we enjoyed the game, but it makes us so mad every year that our Canadian commercials are inserted and we never see the famous 'superbowl commercials'!

Natasha said...


Natasha said...

It's amazing to think that you and Carlo (where is she anyway?) were here last year when Kim and I were just staring on this long expensive journey!! It has been fun to share with you and to have support.

My fave commercial was the bud one where the cow and clydesdales were friends.

Can you believe school here was optional today (mine went) due to the win and that tomorrow school lets out 2 hours early due to the Saints winning!! That's what I call a holiday.

14.5 pounds is awesome!!

I have lost some due to my high raw diet but you wouldn't know it my looking at my face-- it's all red and puffed up from the drugs.

michelle said...

I love this post.

We didn't watch the game, but I heard about the Google commercial.

14.5 pounds is fabulous!

Now I have to dash over to Natasha's blog!!

Amanda :-) said...

Ooooh, this burst of short, randomness has a whiff of Twitter about it! Haha! Boots? Picture??