Friday, February 26, 2010

photoless phriday- the how much buffalo check is TOO much buffalo check edition

1) i bought a pair of jeans! and i might buy a second! i don't' know... i'm feeling a bit crazy like that (16 1/2 pounds)!

2) i have actually enlisted the help of a friend of mine to create some "looks" for my Dallas trip. i have no idea how to dress for Texas! (i kind of know what NOT to wear, or simply, "i won't be caught dead wearing THAT.") it's a bit overwhelming, no?

3) i am heading to Dallas a few days early to spend time with a high school friend. i don't know why it took me 5 or 6 years to realize that there is a way to build fun into business trips. travel for personal gain. i like it. (and, while i'm happy to be reconnecting with an old friend, i can't help but wish i were going early to spend time with Natasha and Carlo and Hoop...) (Go Green Wave!)

4)SPEAKING of which, i had the most wonderful phone call appointment with Carlo yesterday. we had a fantastic time catching up. (she is well! busy! navigating the waters with a pre. teen. daughter.) how much do i love that such a special friendship was born of blogging?!?

5) my social media geekiness has reached a new level, as i am currently tweeting all over the blogosphere. in fact, i am hosting a "tweetup" at the Hilton Anatole in an effort to bring 1700+ Hampton GMs together in a casual networking atmosphere (read: pre-conference after hours party in trendy hotel bar!) whattheheckamigonnaweartoTHAT?!?

6) totally unrelated to the upcoming trip, but mentioned here for memory's sake: jack had a nightmare last night, which is very unusual for him. he often does not like to talk about the details of his nightmares, especially the kind that wake up with that awful sense of reality still lingering. this morning, we were chatting about it over a great big (suffocating, actually) bear hug. turns out the crux of the nightmare was that i was bitten by a wolf and, "went away eternally." that kid. could he be any cuter?

i'm off to find a plaid shirt. i think.
or not.

happy weekend!


Holly said...

Whoa, there Lelly, I'd hold off on that Buffalo Check if I were you, unless it's for a themed party at your conference.

Dallas won't be that different from NC, I promise. I'd look for some pieces you can mix & match, layer and add some fun accessories like scarves, necklaces, etc.

Hooray on the jeans!! And on your weight loss!!

Anne said...

Ditto what Holly said!!

Kri said...

YEA to number 3 :))) Maybe one day you will actually help me get into this blogging thing. I just don't have the knack for writing that you do!

Marie said...

"Eternally" So funny!

carlo said...

is anyone else amazed by the buffalo check being back in style? i can't get over it.


enjoyed our convo, too. wish the green wave alums were tagging along on your adventure...

poor jack. nightmares seem so real. poor kid!

carlo said...

oh and 16.5? i may love jean shopping then too! congrats.

Natasha said...


michelle said...

I'm still having a hard time embracing the buffalo plaid. It's hard going back to a fashion trend you've already lived through, you know?

I am happy for you with your jeans shopping success, really I am. But I can't imagine being there myself.

Jill said...

I am so impressed with your successful weight loss!! Way to go! If I even start to think about losing weight my body freaks out and I run for a bag of chips...I need therapy.

It's so great that you've figured out how to put a vacation in with your business trips.