Friday, June 11, 2010

whirlwind of good, part 1

(may 21, 2010)

who doesn't love meeting blogger friends?!?

i was THRILLED when Chris and her mom came to visit Southport!! they got a glimpse of my hotel world AND my theatre world. i'm proud to say Southport itself put on a good show with great weather, as well!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

hello, summer

the last day of third grade. be still my heart!

(just for fun, here's the last day of second grade, just a year ago...)

oh, blogosphere, i have been virtually trapped in the whirlwind of life! so many things. so many GOOD things!! it almost seems as if my year really began on June 1. this year will challenge me to create time for myself. i promise to take you along with me.

but today... today we will enjoy the end of the school year. the beginning of vacation. dinner with my best college friend. the arrival of a gazillion relatives for my mom's Birthday Bash weekend. today is going to be fantastic!