Friday, January 10, 2014

hey, baby, what's your sign?

i feel like i know myself better in january.

maybe it's because i've just spent some quiet winter hours reviewing the past year: what worked, what didn't, who mattered the most, who hurt my feelings, etc.

or maybe it's because i then spent some hours dreaming & scheming about the new year: what do i want to accomplish, how do i want to feel, who do i want to spend time with, etc.

and after spending all those hours looking at vibrant mental film reels of WHAT I'VE DONE, HOW I FEEL, and WHAT'S NEXT... well, i'm starting to believe i've got myself figured out.  at least i think i do. this month, at least!

so who am i? i'm a fire girl. an archer (and, no, not in the Katniss way.) i mean, i'm a Sagitttarius: adventurous, with an abundance of creative fire and the need for excitement and different ways to widen my horizons. (so, huh.  maybe just a little bit in the Katniss way.)

i don't put too much stock in astrological signs, but with 44 years of life experience under my belt now, it's hard to deny the similarities between "The Sagittarius Woman" and "Eleanor." for example, sagittarius:
  • is enterprising and resourceful
  • always on the lookout for ways to fulfill her dreams
  • is adventurous
  • has an abundance of creative fire
  • has a need for excitement and to widen her horizons
  • works hard to achieve her goal and then looks for another one
  • loves to travel and has a difficult time staying still

oh, i recognize the stumbling blocks, as well.  for example, sagittarius:
  • struggles to balance reality with ideology
  • can be overconfident
  • lacks patience
  • does not possess the ability to adhere to the restraints of a budget (ouch!)
  • needs a great deal of personal freedom
  • is usually attracted to those she feels are in distress
yep, all the signs are there (pun intended.) 

seems like as good a time as any to launch into some new adventures!! and i've got the perfect one planned: i'm *finally* taking the leap and creating a space where i can use my creative fire in a new mentoring adventure. i hope you'll come along with me for support! you can start by checking out a new site - i'm brewing up some really awesome stuff, and i'd love to share it with you.

so, what's your sign? does it fit? tell me about it!


Natasha said...

That is a serious new website! I am impressed. I had a sign on my desk at the office for years that said "love what you do." (One day I got angry and broke it but that's a story for another time.)

eleanor erickson said...

Oh, Natasha, i MUST hear that story some day :)

Chris said...

Sounds like you and I have been doing a lot of the same type of thinking. You are ahead of me, but it's good to see I'm not alone!

I am a Libra and it fits me almost to a tee. It's crazy! I should really look at things this year in terms of my sign because I bet it would lead me to good things. :-)