Tuesday, June 28, 2011

spt 06.28.2011

i am not a numbers person. i don't get excited by mathematical things: formulas, equations, mean/medians/and modes...

i had to take one math course in college. it was a Statistics course. i forced myself to sit in the front row and become one with the numbers. it sucked. but i passed! and now, in my grownup life, i have to look at a lot of numbers: forecasts, budgets, occupancies... in the scope of things that fall under the title of "General Manager," it is the numbers things that that challenge me the most.

but i've had a lot of numbers on my mind recently, and so i thought, in an effort to embrace my inner statistician, it might be fun to give you a post filled with numbers. ready?

tomorrow is the 11th anniversary of Hampton Inn Southport;
as of the 5th of July, i will have worked here for 11 years;
there are 80 rooms in the hotel;
we buy an average of 65 lbs of bananas every week;
matty will be 40 on the 30th;
i have run over 204 miles since January;
i eat, on average, 1250 calories a day;
i have lost 44 lbs;
i recently ran my 3rd 5K race of 2011;
it was my 4th race of the year;
it's almost time for the annual 4th of July Festival!;
this morning when i woke up, the humidity was 84%;
i have only completed 45 blog posts this year;
i am about to add 1 more to the list!!


Jill said...

Wow, you've lost 44 pounds, that's amazing, inspiring, fantastic and great!!!!

Hannah said...

Way to go Lelly!

Natasha said...

44 pounds jumped out at me...that's awesome!

SisterX_83 said...

Those are some good numbers! Keep up the great work with the running. As someone else who hates running, I'm impressed.

Alisha said...

I endured statistics, too.

Fun post!

Amanda said...


Where have I been? You look amazing. Your hard work is totally paying off. So proud of you. Good to see you and maybe I'll blog again with the commitment of SPT. I really enjoyed participating before.


MaryRC said...

i havent been by in a while, you look amazing, congrats on all the accomplishments.