Saturday, October 17, 2009

did you know (that i've been in a funk)?

that i can't reuse a pool or shower towel that is slightly damp?
that i have a hard time unloading clean glassware from the dishwasher?
that i cannot stand the sound of other people sneezing?
that even though i am drawn to coffee shops, i stick with black coffee every time?
that i am addicted to social networking, and don't remember life before blogging, facebook and twitter?
that i don't bake because i don't like to feel flour on my hands?
that sometimes i don't like to hear my own voice?
that i currently feel claustrophobic in my small town?
that i am exhausted?


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Let me guess. You must be about a month away from becoming 40 ;)

Funny how we get stuck on the little things sometimes, huh?

It's good to hear your voice again.

Marie said...

Did you know that I love your posts?

That you are so motivating?

That I've been waiting for a new post from you?

That you always make me smile?

That I admire your devotion to everything you do?

That you are amazing?

michelle said...

I'm sorry you've been in a funk!

I don't like damp towels, either.

Natasha said...

I did know about the flour hands aversion.

What's this funk about?

vgsmom said...

I just have to say Amen, sister!! If you find the way out, send help back in to get the rest of us.

Hannah said...

I sure like you miss Lelly.

Jill said...

I didn't know any of these things, except maybe the social networking addiction and possibly the exhausted part (isn't that almost always the case for moms?).

I hope the funk gives way to some sort of "40 is Fabulous" feeling soon!

Liz said...

Oh Lelly, you are so amazing and inspiring ~ you have put me in a funk myself! Actually, I have been taking care of my two sick kids for the last 6 days and have been feeling pretty low. I just hope that me and hubby don't catch it...

Kelly said...

Get the funk out sister. It's Fall!

Alisa said...

I don't mind using my own damp towel, but can't stand to wipe my hands on one that someone else has used.

I love smelling coffee- but don't drink it.

Flour? How are you with sand?

I think you need a little vacation! Hang in there Lelly!

Holly said...

I hate to hear that you are in a funk. I hope you are coming up out of it!