Sunday, April 25, 2010

spt challenge - (non)extreme makeover

i was just sitting here musing over a challenge for spt, and it struck me that tuesday is salon day!! thank goodness!! (remember a few years back, i mentioned that i was very picky about who cut my hair? but, over time, i had become the mad crazy mom who snuck into great clips after work.)

i recently became the mad crazy mom who has decided to make self-preservation (i.e. hair cut and color) a priority. i've been visiting the salon on a regular basis for a few months now. i secretly love having a salon to visit! having someone with a vision for my hair, and who won't cringe when i ask her to streak some funky colors into it, has made a world of difference.

a cut and/or color can be an easy way to feel hip and trendy (am i the only one who struggles with NOT feeling hip and trendy?!?) there are a million little ways to get a mini-makeover, even when a visit to the salon is not on the calendar.

what's YOUR secret to feeling and looking fabulous?

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Jill said...

I wish I had a salon appointment tomorrow. I'll have to do my home version, which is not even close.