Wednesday, August 25, 2010

tales of a fourth grade EVERYTHING!!

we are back to school. this little man, my constant companion this summer (innkeeper in the making!) hurried off to a new school year with more confidence than i ever remember having at that age. i absolutely love the ohmygoshyouaretakingANOTHERpicture expression on his face!
i remember feeling pretty old when i was in the fourth grade. i can't imagine he is that age. i also remember that my fourth grade teacher was an unmarried 300-year-old woman who wore polyester pansuits and disliked my "bubbly" cursive handwriting. so, there you go.
Happy School Year, everyone!


Holly said...

Hooray for fourth grade!! And for having confidence--that is HUGE.

Love the hat (makes me think of Neal Caffrey on White Collar--from one USA network junkie to another) and his expression.

Natasha said...

He looks so grown up!

Alisha said...

Happy school year to you, too, Lelly!

We have another week to go . . . my fourth-grader-to-be is very antsy and ready to roll.

michelle said...

So cute. When did he get so grown up?

(Yes, I definitely have to let you know the next time I'm in NC!)