Wednesday, June 06, 2007

spt - how about a good old fashioned recap?

green grow the bloggers

rebekah, price cream parlor, michelle a., melanie, lisa, cristin, laurie, kristen, and katherine all shared that the grass just might be greener on their side of the fence!!

bloggin' on blue bayou

elizabeth, rachel & barb are definitely not singing the blues!

red hot bloggers

andy, stefanie, jill, annalisa, andrea, cynthia, and neighbor jane payne might have roses in december!

there were a few surprises this week, too! how about amy m. and her tan , or kristi (the queen of everything pink) and her...

... white?!?

[o.k., if you know kristi, you might have assumed pink. of course. however, if you follow kristi's spt posts, then you might not be surprised at all!)

silver and gold friends

and i couldn't resist tying in this colorful challenge with our new friends/old friends challenge a few weeks ago.

chloe has taken the challenge from anne, marie comes via barb & kelly, jen got the bug from jill and keli has recently come out of hiding!! welcome to all you colorful girls!!


Barb said...

Excellent, creative recap. This has been such a fun way to make new blogging connections! You are the rainbow that pulls all the SPT girls together!

Michelle A. said...

Thanks for the recap!

Amy said...

Thank you for the excellent recap. I am still going to do this, but it will be more like SPTh or SPF. I loved the theme.

carlo said...

love the recaps. you are the best!

amy is cracking me up but i get it-- the summer may move mine to spTh or spf, too! :) very clever!