Monday, July 16, 2007

good mail is YUMMY

check out this delicious good mail i received !!

i am not a big cereal fan. so just imagine my surprise when i found out these three little boxes were bursting with ribbon!! thank you, kristi.

i also got some very creative poppin' good mail from rebekah. (sorry no photo, but it didn't last that long!!) suffice it to say, jiffy pop smells and tastes EXACTLY the way i remember it!!

have you gotten any YUMMY good mail lately?


donna said...

What yummy good mail :)

melanie said...

Dang Kristi is creative! I would never come up with packaging like that! Love your good mail and yes I have some I need to post about. I just need to take photos!

Barb said...

nice ribbon/box color coordination

michelle said...

Oh that Kristi. She is the most creative person I know! So cute.