Friday, June 19, 2009

photoless phriday - the good, the bad, the ugly edition

the good:
school is out! camp is on! it's hot as hell here on the NC coast, and we spend our time running from air conditioned house to car to work to car to grocery store. thank GOODness for equal billing from our power company - i can run my A/C to my heart's content.

the bad:
we seem to be consistently understaffed at the hotel, specifically in the housekeeping department. is it me, or have we raised an entire generation of young people who aren't willing to work hard?!? i've conducted 15(!) interviews in the past two days, and only felt that i could offer positions to 4 people!! how BAD is this - one guy was waiting to interview with me this morning, wearing board shorts and a backwards baseball cap!!!! (i couldn't even talk to him; i made my assistant see him. i feel certain i would have launched into a lecture on appropriate behavior in the workplace and interviewing techniques.) (wait... maybe i should have, because OBVIOUSLY he's NEVER heard it before!!)

the ugly:
i started my day with an email offering me a discount for my new AARP membership... (there are no words. seriously, no words.)


(i'm thinking about posting an spt sometime. how about you??)


Kim Sue said...

oh don't get me up on my soapbox about people not wanting to work seriously I am having to bite my tongue and just let that go for right and be glad that I do not have to be responsible for staffing!

michelle said...

I too am glad I am not responsible for staffing -- what a nightmare.

I keep getting those damn AARP emails! It's seriously starting to piss me off...

patsy said...

AARP email?
I got some of those too---
backwards bball cap- what an idiot!

Hot as Hell?-- it's been raining here for 3 weeks- 3 WEEKS! it never rains here, it's been torture. Summer starts today though- the rain is supposed to be gone & it will be hot as hell in mere moments... then I can complain about that ;)

Jill said...

I'm loving the 71 degree weather we've got going on here today. It doesn't feel like summer quite yet and I'm fine with that.

I fear for the future with the slacker kids of today. How did all the hard working teens of yesterday grow up to be such push-over parents? Not good.

The AARP email is mistake right?!!