Friday, September 04, 2009

photoless phriday - the "if you build it, they will come" edition

if you organize a 5K race for Labor day weekend, people will run it.

(please note, this is an illustration, not a photo!!)

this will be the second running of the "Go, Jump in the Lake 5K and 1.5 mile Fun Run/Walk." we created this race last year, and were almost overwhelmed by it's success. if you are a runner (i am not), or have ever aspired to be a runner (i have), you know that a Saturday morning 5K is like Starbucks to the caffeine-dependent. people are inexplicably drawn to the opprotunity to sweat early in the morning. and... they will actually pay to do it!! (especially if you have great T shirts!!)

i have grown up in a family of opportunity creators. need a director for a community theatre production? someone from my family is there. need a youth group? scout troop? someone from my family is available. need a playground? yup, we'll pitch in and get it done. we have been raised with an uncanny ability to see a need for something. even better, we have been blessed with the enthusiasm to carry through with our visions.

it's exhausting. but it's also exhilirating! and it strikes me that too many people miss out on chances to create opportunities in their communities because of the overwhelming sensations that usually accompany such big projects. worse yet, maybe they just assume that "someone else will get it done."

if you've ever thought that, i hope you'll take a few minutes and give yourself a big pep talk! it can be overwhelming, for certain. it can be frustrating. heck, the project might even be a big flop!! it IS exhausting.

but, the exhiliration is so, so sweet. to hear an audience applaud for a show. to watch children play on a playground. and, yes, to cheer on those crazy, sweaty runners.

i wish you were in town. i wish you could join us tomorrow morning as the sun rises over Spring Lake and the 5K runners take their mark. i wish you could walk the 1.5 mile loop with me. and jack. and babies in strollers. and grandparents. i wish you could literally Jump in the Lake with us as we cross the finish line! (really, can you think of a better way to end a race?? forget the Gatorade. a quick swim is the way to go!)

you would look so great in the T shirt!!


patsy said...

I wish I was there too!!

lelly you rock!

Jill said...

It's so great that your family is so good about making things happen and being an active part of your community!

Barb said...

You do so much, this is amazing!

Natasha said...


Marie said...

Wow. Another community event by our Lelly. Your home town is lucky to have you!

michelle said...

This is so awesome! "we have been raised with an uncanny ability to see a need for something. even better, we have been blessed with the enthusiasm to carry through with our visions." That is the best thing I've read all week.

Lucy said...

You know we'd be there if we were close enough. There isn't a Saturday road race that Jay doesn't want to run.

Planning and implementing is a great talent. One that I've realized with experience, isn't one I enjoy. I can do it, but I usually wish I wasn't. To have your enthusiasm coupled with the great event is the perfect combination. Your community is blessed!

Crystal said...

I'm lucky enough to live by Lelly and her family and my oh my are they outstanding people. If you added up all their activities than I'm sure it would be more than most family's times 10. No joke. They all are amazing at making things happen. Many people can dream up ideas, or wish for things....few people have the know how to make it happen. This whole family is overflowing with the talent to do so.

Sorry, I just had to be a cheerleader for you and the family Lelly. I think that you're all amazing people. (hence the fact that I woke up WHEN THE MOON WAS STILL SHINING BRIGHT, to come out and help with the race. haha!)

Love this post.

Alisha said...

Love it! I hope it was another great success. (i'm sure it was.)

I have that same crazy knack of taking on big tasks and making fun things happen. My friend and I are organizing a half-marathon for the end of this month in our area. It's gonna be great--as long as it doesn't kill us first. :)

Laurie said...

How cool! I hope it was a blast! Such a neat thing to be community leaders.

michelle said...

oh you know i would have been there! sounds like a great run Lelly!