Monday, September 28, 2009

all this just to say...

wha? what is this whirlwind going on? i know i need to stop! break it down now! (or at least organize my thoughts into something blogworthy), but...

so a sneak peak of the chaos i've created:

soccer has started. i am not the coach. (i am the "assistant coach," but the coach is really good, so i've been doing a lot of standing on the sidelines encouraging the boys to, say, not beat each other about the heads with their soccer balls.) i'm such a great "assistant coach" that i actually missed the first game (it was raining. a lot. can i say i'm not sorry i missed it? does that make me a bad "assistant coach?")

i missed the first game because i was busy bagging 10,000 dehydrated meals with my fellow Rotarians. do you know about Stop Hunger Now? if you don't, you should. what a great, uplifting, fast-paced humanitarian activity. 10,000 meals in one hour. it pretty much rocked.

i traveled last week and stayed in a hotel that was NOT a hampton (*gasp*). i fell a little bit in love. there were seriously 15 electrical outlets in the room. i could plug in every blessed thing i brought with me, and i still had 12 outlets left over! there was also fantastic lighting (functional AND ambiant), and a huge king size bed all. to. myself. the lobby was filled with smart and fun techno gadgets and media pods and flat screen everythings. yeah. i'm surprised i cam home.

i think i've secretly discovered that i am a geek. i also think i need an iPhone.

i have a new nephew! Felix! don't you love that? Felix Daniel was born in Decatur, GA yesterday. my sister had a very successful VBAC after, get this, firing her OB one week before delivery!! she's crazy like that. just goes to show you that if your medical practitioners are NOT working with you, it's time to move on!!

so, Felix. and he's beautiful. and i stayed up too late last night knitting the most adorable pumpkin hat for Felix, and of course, a slightly larger one for big sis Allis. i might need to make one for myself ;)

forty is weighing heavy on me now. (two more months) i might, in fact, be having a mid-something crisis. i'm not sure what the cure will be (but Apple, Inc. (TM), if you're reading this, that iPhone sure would be fun!)

any questions?


Alisha said...

I, also, need an iPhone. :)

Jill said...

I feel like this whole month has been a whirlwind and I'd like it to stop!

Way to go with the assistant coaching, even if you missed the very rainy game. You were doing community service which is excellent!

Your hotel room sounds rather luxurious and fun.

Congratulations to your sister for her successful delivery of little Felix. I can't imagine firing my OB the week before delivering, but he/she must have been pretty bad for her to do that.

Why not see 40 as the new 30? It doesn't mean what it used to mean and it can really be anything you want it to be!! (Of course I'm saying this from my newly reached 38 year old seat, but still.)

Amanda L. said...

Fall is always such a whirlwind!

Your hotel stay sounds awfully tempting and divine!

Ever since my husband and I heard that the iphone may allow other carriers (verizon) we've both been pining for one.

I say you deserve one!

Natasha said...

I'm with Jill, 40 can be the new 30.

I love the name Felix Daniel - will you get to meet him soon?

michelle said...

I would have a hard time going home after staying in a luxurious hotel! Especially alone, dreamy.

I want an iPhone too. Sounds like the perfect birthday gift for someone turning 40!

Felix, what a cute name. Love the hats! Did I know that you were a knitter??