Tuesday, July 26, 2011

spt 07.26.2011

it's that time again... time when we are expecting a visit from our friendly Quality Assurance auditor. time when we try to make our shiniest just a tiny bit shinier.

part of the "fun" of these inspections is the fact that they are unannounced. a suprprise, if you will. we might not know exactly when he will show up, but we know it will be soon. (i know it will be in just a few days. ssshhhh...)

here i am practicing my "surprise!" face. think he'll buy it?

will you take a self-portrait today? leave me a comment and let me know!


Kelly said...

I don't think the quality inspector will recognize you! He'll think you've been replaced with a younger manager. You look fabulous!

Just so you know, I've switched my road trip stop loyalty to Hampton because of your Quality Assurance reviews. I love to inspect my room for what I think you would consider quality!

a.k.a happy heart mom said...

You look absolutely fantastic and slim! I agree with Kelly - Let's hope they recognize you.

lelly said...

thank you, girls!! i'm feeling GREAT!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing!

Natasha said...

I'm with them, your face looks so slim! Yay you! The only thing feeling thin on me these days is my hair.

MaryRC said...

i dunno if i buy that one. you better put it on sale.. :-) hope it all went well.