Thursday, October 11, 2007

sticker shock

for some time now, both my car tag sticker & car inspection sticker have been overdue. and i won't even tell you how long it's been since i had my oil changed. for some reason, taking care of these pesky items is a great chore for me. maybe because i'm uncomfortable in the Quick Lube setting, with the smells and the grayness and all of the other customers who obviously get their oil changed every three thousand miles (like they're supposed to!!)

anyway, as i drove by this morning, there was no line, so i pulled in to await the inevitable scolding from the technician. all in all, they were pretty easy on me, and two stickers, an oil filter and some wiper blades later, i'm happy to report that my car & i are both feeling like respectable citizens again.

it's a beautiful morning here, and i couldn't resist waiting outside. it even occured to me to snap a picture while i waited.

do you ever put off pesky chores, even when you know you should just tackle them?


Amy said...

I am the QUEEN of putting of pesky chores...from laundry to oil changes. In fact, I'm overdue on both right now!

carlo said...

hmmm, what do you think i am doing right this very minute?

i have a ton of pesky chores to finish up yet, i am really lacking energy today.

blogging seems so easy (and good for my heart and mind today!) that i can't seem to get up off of my chair.

maybe that will help?

Kelly A. said...

Pesky procrastinator here too. Except never car things, because my fear of being stranded with a broken car is greater than my fear of the waiting room at the quick lube.

Post office stuff is my bane.

HotMama said...

Car inspection? What's a car inspection? I just wait for mine to die, then get a new one.

Jenny said...

That is a pesty chore I never look forward too. I guess it's a good thing my dealership provides Krispy Kreme and free video games :)

Sandi said...

Who me, put something off, never. And if you believe that I have some Ocean Front property in Arizona to sell you.

Denise said...

Yep, procrastinator extraordinaire here. I'm not fond of the car care experience either, but I go the same place every time so I know the drill and won't embarrass myself. Plus, they aren't pushy about the whole upgrade thing, unlike some places that always try to sell me more expensive oil and an unnecessary new air filter (give it a couple of thwacks, and it's good to go. Or so my car-savvy neighbor tells me).

Price Cream Parlor said...

I am putting off Mt. Washmore as we speak. Does that count?
I am loving your new PINK do! So fun! Great concept! Looks like fun to participate in such a great cause!

michelle said...

I am forever putting of chores that need to be done! I have always worked better under pressure, Not a good thing. Hopefully someday I will learn.

Amanda :-) said...

What you talking about, Willis? What's a car inspection? Do you mean an MOT? What's your sticker? Surely not your tax disc?? I'm confused. But so long as you're legal, that's all that matters.

Car-wise, I'm terrible at cleaning the thing. The outside is dusty and the inside needs vac-ing. Oh, I feel quite guilty now, thinking about it...

Good on you for thinking to do a self-portrait! Lovely!