Monday, October 01, 2007

what once was lost...

...has now been found!

somehow, this past weekend, i managed to find it!! that one thing that has been eluding me for oh, so many months now. TIME!! i found TIME to do fun stuff!! (it's amazing how much time you can lose working 6 days a week for 4 months).

here is a sample of some of the fun stuff i did:

yummy, yummy bars from a recipe i snagged over at momentary madness. i swear, amy s is my new rachel ray!

fun youth day with hours and hours of free bouncing castles. got to sell a lot of hotdogs, with the profits going to our playground project. (this is my sister, jen, setting up for the big day.)

my favorite bowl, a wedding gift that i only bring out in the fall. here it is, full of the remnants of apple pie making.

*easy* apple pie, recipe snagged from BHG's *100 days of Holidays.*

the lovely cast of godspell. only one more month until opening night!! you can read about our adventures here.

i am so happy to have found time to do all of it, and more!


Amanda :-) said...

Gosh, there's so much to look at on that Homes & Gardens site! I feel overwhelmed! And I don't even own a crockpot thingumyjig :-(

Glad you got some home-maker-type stuff done. I'm quite in awe of all you achieve so far, working as hard as you do. These extra things I take my hat off to you for!

I love that bowl too. So right that you should've used it this weekend for apple pie!

Liz said...

Looks like a great weekend! Congrats!

Rachel said...

What a great use of your TIME!

Amy said...

I love special dishes that are pulled out seasonally. Old friends, for sure. And that apple pie looks very good...I'm definitely a fan of the streusel topping variety.

Barb said...

If you have any extra, be sure to bottle it!

carlo said...

oh what a great weekend!

glad you were able to do some fun things that you wanted to do.

the bars look amazing, as does the apple pie!

michelle said...

Ah, found time -- what could be better? (well, maybe those delicious-looking bar cookies!)