Friday, October 17, 2008

photoless phriday

warning: random and disjointed edition!

1) i can't blog. i'm somehow unable to string together coherent thoughts. ah, well, this shall pass.

2) i paid $2.96 for gas yesterday!!

3) i've become slightly addicted to facebook. i am constantly amazed at how quickly i've fallen back into "friendships" with people i've known in different stages of my life. i *heart* the Internet. (this could be an entire blogpost in itself. if, that is, i was able to blog. which i'm not.)

4) i have two zits on my face the likes of which i have not experienced since high school. what the?!? it's made me feel terribly self-conscious in a week where i've really needed to put on my corporate game face. meh.

5) i was at once entertained and horrified by The Office last night. i don't EVER need to see dwight deliver a watermelon again!

6) it better be cold enough to wear a sweatshirt to jack's soccer game tomorrow. i'm just sayin'...

7) i might have reached my limit of fall craft creativity for this year. WAY too many great ideas out there to treat and inspire. must file away for next year, or i won't have anything left for pink christmas!

have a great weekend! i'm off to find a sweatshirt and some clearasil!


Laurie said...

about #1 - I feel that same way a lot of the time. But Lelly, your words are always a pleasure to read.

#2 - Lucky you! although it's still a shame we think gas at nearly $3 a gallon is a bargain.

#5 - same. that was awful, but the "Natures Bounty" that Andy and Angela were setting up is still making me chuckle.

#6 - ahhh...sweatshirt weather.

michelle said...

It's so funny to me that we think $2.96 is such a great deal for gas! (Although I would be thrilled to pay that. We're down to $3.29 here.)

It's not cool enough here for me to want to wear a sweatshirt, but at least I'm not hot in my short-sleeved t-shirt!

Right now I'm looking for ideas for
Christmas. I have to determine now what I will make and how many things I have time for. Now, to find those ideas...

Holly said...

Our gas prices have been a little better too. Yea! I was excited for $3.01 the other day (with the Kroger card discount).

There is rumor of a cold front. I'm reserving judgment until I have proof.

I was still getting SCARY, scary zits in my old age until I switched to Proactiv. I know. Infomercial victim. Now I alternate between that and Cetaphil cleanser. Good luck!

Kim Sue said...

yesterday sweatshirt weather rolled in here...we have been sitting around the fire on the patio and it's perfect. Carly has soccer in the morning and I'm almost certain it will be sweatshirt weather!

Rhonda said...

...or Michael "eat" the darn watermelon after.

Ok. So let's get on FACEBOOK together. I too love FB. It is my new found best friend and intelligent tell all of all things pertaining to everything teen in my kids world.

Does that make any sense? At All?

Aranne and Dan said...

I am so loving the gas prices coming down... i agree with too many great craft ideas out there... i also agree that the weather does need to finally cool down and let us enjoy the Fall! have a good weekend.

Jenny said...

I was actually just about to go watch my taped office. I thought the previews looked hilarious, perhaps I may be frightened?

Isn't is so great that gas prices are coming down. Who knew we would get so excited for paying under $3 for gas! Hope you have a good weekend and you are able to break out that sweater!

carlo said...

dang. you are in a blog rut and i have been on a blog roll.

not fair.

carlo said...

ps- glad you liked my spt summer catch up. i really did think about spt and blogging! :)

Amanda L. said...

I paid $2.85 this morning and thought that was a steal.

Sometimes I find that if I'm in a rut I wait a few days and it always comes back to me.

Hope you got to wear a sweatshirt! On Saturday we needed sweaters, blankets and coats and our game. It was freezing!

The scene with Dwight and the watermelon was a bit too much for me too. They don't need to try so hard to be funny!

Janiece said...

it is funny you mention facebook, I use to "hang out" there, but once I started blogging...I only check it once a week when I add Kira's email to her site.

By the way we are still paying $3.59 a gal for gas! Funny it goes up over night but will never come back down as quickly.

sweetfunkyvintage said...

Oh, I am loving sweatshirt weather...very unusual for Florida in October. We are almost always still sweating on Halloween!

Alisha said...

I haven't given in to the evils . . . I mean joys . . . of Facebook . . . yet. I expect myself to succumb any day now.

What's with the Pink Christmas? Please do tell for the newbies around like me. I tried to click on your picture in the right side bar, but it wasn't a link. I suppose I could google it, but that's sometimes just too much work.

Jill said...

I think zits are a big indicator that God has a sense of humor and a very easy way of keeping us humble.

I love The Office, but was definitely grossed out by the delivery of the watermelon baby of unknown parentage.