Sunday, January 11, 2009

planes, trains & automobiles

this was the scene at my house for most of winter vacation:

i snapped a few photos of this, mostly because i was so humored by the fact that, with all of the Christmas-y goodness newly unwrapped, jack spent hours upon hours playing with the hot wheels. i should note that he did not receive any hot wheels for Christmas. kids. they're funny that way, aren't they?

i was scanning through some photos last night, and it occurred to me that these automobile pictures reminded me of my word, journey. (i like to think that *my word* transcends the mundane definition of simply "traveling from one place to the other.") the truth is, i have not journeyed much these past few years. i only left the state of north carolina one time in 2008, and my in-state travels were all work related. my passport is more like a parking pass (not unlike the above photo!)

i am thrilled that i will begin the new year with a fantastic trip to a city i have never visited, and time spent with wonderful, best friends (whom i have never met!) here's hoping that this is only the beginning of an incredible journey.


lmerie said...

Ahhh, hotwheels - which usually means little boys- love it!

rebekah said...

where are you going?

Jill said...

My son used to line up his cars just like that so seeing this photos hurt my heart a little bit.

It's so great that you're starting the new year with an actual journey. I'm so excited for you guys!

patsy said...

great photos!
there's just nothing like the tried & true "real" toys like hot wheels is there?

I know you are leaving soon- I hope it's a fun trip :)
xoxo- be safe

Natasha said...

I am excited about your journey too. I feel like getting together with you and Carlo is like meeting up with good old college friends or something - except we've never met!

One day you will be so glad you took this pic of the cars. When Luci was much younger one day I took a pic of all her dolls she lined up and now I treasure that picture, that time in our life when she played like that.

Alisha said...

Cool pictures!
I love your piano (I think I've said that before).
Isn't that the way it goes? We spend money on a fun new present and they play with something else. (At my house it's often the box that they play with!)

amy m said...

I remember this so well when I was growing up, but sadly we've never had cars around here.

Have fun on your journeys. I hope this one will be the first of many.

michelle said...

Great photos!

Starting the year off with a trip to meet friends can only bode well for the rest of your journey in 2009. It sounds so fun!

Kim Sue said...

wonderful post and I am so excited about your journey (to New Orleans and the rest of your year!)

MaryRC said...

thats alot of traffic! love those shots.. definetly a journey feel to them..

MaryRC said...

thats alot of traffic! love those shots.. definetly a journey feel to them..

Cecilia said...

Have fun on your journeys....Can't wait to hear all about them!

Amie said...

I can relate... James still loves all things cars, trucks, and trailers... and they are everywhere!

I love the picture on your header. Awesome.

carlo said...

had to laugh at the many cars you have at your house. my nephew has a collection like that and that is all he plays with

ellie is really into playing with cars right now, too.

she has started a small collection and her focus this week is the disney-pixar car set she purchased (proudly, might i add) with a Christmas gift card.

so sweet!

Barb said...

You are so clever to put the hotwheels together with your word + trip. Have a wonderful time!