Sunday, November 08, 2009


it's a few short weeks away.

i'm bordering on indifferent to depressed.

i had certain body image goals that i am no where near attaining.

i had financial goals that i am no where near attaining.

i had blogging and photography goals that i am no where near attaining.

i know that i should not be so blue about it.

but, i am.

quick... somebody tell something funny (and young at heart!!)


Crystal said...

YAY!!! We'll both be 26 in just a few weeks!!

COME RESCUE ME FROM THIS TOWN! I miss you and need you to inspire me.

patsy said...

the best is yet to come! really...
I wish I could think of something funny.

Marie said...


Whose there?


'Lettuce' who?

Lettuce in! It's cold outside!

(well, this may not be funny, but it is young)

Jill said...

If it's any consolation to you, I am nowhere near meeting any sort of body image, financial, or photography goals myself!

As for something funny...every time I walk out to the mailbox I have to double check that I've got pants on. I have no idea where this fear or concern comes from because I'm always wearing pants, but it still happens every day!

MaryRC said...

this will make you smile..

michelle said...

Funny, I was having a mini-crisis about turning 40 just yesterday. I'm still 38, but still. I know it's coming. I haven't done anything to accomplish all of those goals that I want to accomplish, and I only have 15 more months...

This is not helpful, I realize, but just wanted you to know that I get it!

I was wracking my brain for something funny and/or young, but apparently I don't have it in me.

Alisa said...

Hmm nothing funny is coming to mind-
Thinking of you though! Maybe tomorrows SPT for me should be something funny to make you laugh. Oh good, I think I have a challenge!

Amber Grannis said...

What happens if you confuse your Valium with your birth control pills?
You have 12 kids, but you don't really care.

Kim Sue said...

oh, I so understand the goals that lay unmet, I have plenty of those myself.

Lucy said...

Remember, it's just a day. An awesome day to celebrate you. You are amazing and will continue to be.

wende said...

we ALL feel this way - seriously. you're not alone!

when i feel nervous, i have to touch my purse. i'm not really sure why. i think because the whole world could be falling apart, but i have my purse, it hasn't been stolen, so i'm good. do you think maybe i should see a therapist? or maybe, do you want to come touch my purse?! :)

Alisha said...

Do yourself a favor and pull out some pictures of yourself in high school or junior high.

It will serve two purposes:

#1--a good laugh. The 80's were a seriously scary time in so many fashion-ish ways.

#2--maybe at least the "how-you-look" goal will be put into a better perspective?

A couple of friends of mine posted high school pics of us yesterday and I about died at how hideous I looked in those pictures. My hair was big and fried. FRIED. Yes, I weighed 30 pounds less in those days, but honestly, I think I look better now. I'm guessing you may feel the same way?

(Of course I never saw you in high school, so maybe you had fabulous taste and managed to avoid the bangs-to-heaven fad, and the shoulder pads, and all of it. Or maybe not . . .! Find a picture, have a laugh, feel better about "now.")

Hannah said...

I wanted to be a certain size by my birthday. It is 5 days away and I am one size away and it isn't happening. I feel you woman!

Funny and true and hopefully not inappropriate:

I ordered a couple muddlers online. They were sent in a padded envelope. The postal system tore the envelope apart, so they arrived with the shredded envelope in a large CLEAR plastic bag. I wasn't home- so they were delivered to my conservative (SOOO conservative) neighbor. She brought them over, blushing and said "Um...I think delivered to my house." Ya...the woman thought they were sex toys. Tell me that isn't funny :)

Emmanuelle said...

I would like to make you smile, but I exactly feel as you feel. Hope your thoughts are going better. If not, you need chocolat.
Come to visit me, I have full of chocolat hiding in my kitchen (not good for kids, not good for my body, but really really good for my brain ;-)

Amanda L. said...

I certainly hope these comments made you smile..because they did me! You obviously have created a great support system.

My husband (like Michelle) is 38 and dreading the 4-0. But really, like Lucy said, it's just another day to celebrate you. It's up to us to change the associations with that number, or whatever it is.

I was having such a hard time this year with not being where I wanted to be in life (outward appearance) that I was letting it interfere with my happiness. Then I got pregnant (planned) and am now focusing my attention on this higher purpose. I can change my outward appearance after, but right now my job is to try and create a healthy new baby boy for our family.

Find that higher purpose - inside you and it won't matter what age you are!

Alisa said...

Nothing beats Hannah's funny. Nothing. I was going to come back and post something funny, but hers is the best.
Hope that things are happier today!

Jenny said...

I'm not one at telling or saying something funny. But I did just post some funny photos. It's good to see your cheery blog! I have been so out of the loop!