Monday, January 04, 2010


if i wait until i have something overly important to say about this new year/new decade, we will be dusting off my blog next december and offering condolences over mugs of mulled cider and hot chocolate.

in a nutshell,
2009 wasn't bad for me and mine. it was actually... pretty good! but,
2010 is going to be BIGger and better than ever!!

i haven't chosen a "new" word for this new year, but i will. (have you? please share.)

i've got a very important anniversary trip to be planned, a conference in the BIG D to attend and, of course, hours upon hours of the WINTER OLYMPICS to view!! (hello? 2010? i think i love you.)

it may be freezing out there today, but i choose to think of it as a breath of fresh air!
bring it, two thousand and ten!!


Kelly said...

Seriously? The big D? A hop skip and a jump from me, unless the big D is Detroit? or Denver? or Durango? Then it's kind of far.

Natasha said...

Kim and I are going to get that vacation this year finally-- my employer is paying for both of us to go to Las Vegas in June. That makes me feel good about 2010 already!

I chose "engage" as my word, as in to be fully engaged in whatever I am doing esp with my kids.

Jill said...

You sound very upbeat about the new year, that's great!

patsy said...

I love your new year attitude!!

10 years!! fantastic-

I am too sooo excited for the olympics-- I love them & wish they could come back to SLC.

michelle said...

LOVE the Olympics!

I am still debating, but my tentative word is "plan".

Alisha said...

2009 wasn't so hot for me . . . I'm hoping 2010 will be better.

Your upcoming year sounds great!

Hey--isn't Soup Swap coming up??

Lene said...

2009 wasn't bad, but I am hoping that 2010 will be just a little better.

My word of the year is Cherish.

Kim Sue said...

still trying to come up with that word too!

Amanda :-) said...

I can't think of a Word yet, as it's all fairly obvious that my step-dad won't see the year through with his cancer. It's a terrible thought process, to try and aim for a word to carry me through a year that will see such heartache. And yet, I'm sure HAVING a word might be more help than NOT having one.

Anyway, I hope you find one soon - that sparks some inspiration in me!! - and I haven't a clue what the Big D is. Disney?? I know you love that place!