Tuesday, April 05, 2011

spt 04.05.2011

the threat of wacky weather during the morning commute meant a three hour delayed opening for area schools this morning.

a delayed opening can really throw a wrench in the day of a parent who needs to be at work. fortunately, i'm usually able to bring jack along with me until it's time to run him down to the school. (this morning he is in the company of my assistant's son). when he's not entertaining his little buddy, he's singing along to his iPod shuffle. LOUDLY.

i'll get some work done today. eventually...

(will you take a self-portrait today? leave me a message and let me know!)


Lene said...

How nice(?) that you can bring him in when you need to.

I posted my SPT...and it included kidlets also.

a happy heart blog. said...

I miss SPT LellY! I haven't done it in so long. You are looking fabulous - btw!