Friday, April 22, 2011

have vacation, will travel

Spring Break is just around the corner. (i know, i know... some of you are on Spring Break right now. some of you have been back from Spring Break for weeks...) but around here, Spring Break is just around the corner. (it "officially starts at 12:20 this afternoon)

i usually approach school vacations with some trepidation. it is hard to fit a school break into the life of two parents who work outside of the home. yes, i have a lot of flexibility when it comes to bringing jack to work with me. heck, this child is more comfortable around this hotel than half of my team members! but i don't get *as much* work done when he is here. from time to time, i take a few days off and spend the days at home with him, where, quite frankly, we get on each others' nerves after 48 hours.

if you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know that i am a notoriously bad vacation-taker. i don't know how i got to be this way. i think part of it is that i feel extraordinarily guilty when i leave my hotel for any amount of time (which, i shouldn't! i have a great team that is perfectly adept at running the show while i'm away). i think part of it is i don't budget well for vacations, so it always seems very daunting to come up with mad money when i finally decide to take a break.

however, this year? this year will be different! next week, jack and i are climbing into the Trailblazer and making our way to Washington, D.C. for a few days! my sister has rented an apartment there for a few weeks as part of her home schooling adventures, and we are going to crash with them.

this sort of spur of the moment vacationing really appeals to me, and i wish i did it more often. i'm thrilled that we'll be in D.C. for several reasons. jack is the perfect age to really, REALLY enjoy everything that the city has to offer. i was lucky enough to go to high school just outside of the city, so i am very comfortable making my way around town. we get to spend time with my sister and her two boys - even though they live just 2 miles from us at home, there is always something fun about hanging out "out of town." and? there are dozens of opportunities to catch up with friends old and new.

so, next week, tuesday through friday... come find me on The Mall. we'll have lunch or coffee. or a beer. bring on Spring Break!!


Anne said...

Ooh, so fun! I have a few foodie tips for you (that is if you're the type of person to eat your way through vacation). Tacklebox in Georgetown has the most amazing fish tacos I've ever had. While you're there and you get the urge to eat one (or a dozen) cupcakes, Georgetown Cupakes and Sprinkles are nearby. G-Town cupcakes are delicious, but the wait is often ridiculously long (sometimes the crowds wrap around the block). So if you know you're going to be in the area, do yourself a favor and order your cupcakes online before you go. You don't have to pay any extra and you can just walk up to the register and pick up your cupcakes. It's perfect!

Have a great vacation!

The I's Have It said...

See you soon!

Natasha said...

We are on spring break now!

This sounds like a great vacation, have fun. Jack really is the perfect age for a trip like this.

Rebekah said...

Hi Lelly! Hope your having a good Easter. Listen, I'd love to see you when you're up here. I work downtown at Metro Center, so I can easily pop over to any of the big attractions when you have a free minute or two. Let me know! I know you're going to be on the go, so I won't take up too much of your time.

Have a good Sunday!


Lucy said...

Have fun! DC is a great place to visit. And relatively cheap too!