Tuesday, April 19, 2011

spt 04.19.2011

going a little non-traditional with today's self-portrait, but, really, i could not resist.

first, a back story (and i'm warning you, this is one of those "Behold, the Power of Twitter posts): last august, a local friend tweeted that she had won tickets to the Michael Franti show at House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. She and her husband were unable to go to the show, and she offered up the tickets. I'd never seen Franti live, but I am a fan of his music, and was tempted to take up her offer of the tickets.

there were a million reasons to turn them down. i was in a Rotary meeting all day, mat had to work early the next morning, we needed to round up a babysitter, HOB is a good hours drive away, etc. etc. of course the big thing standing in the way was my TOTAL LACK OF SPONTANAEITY!!


guess what? we went! and had a great date night! we used to go to concerts and shows all the time, but life sort of gets in the way of that these days. we danced and jumped and sang and smiled. even a silly old speeding ticket on the way home became part of the fun.

moral of the story? if someone offers you tickets to see Michael Franti, you go! also? i *heart* Twitter.

so. time passes and one day recently, i am chatting with a Twitter friend in Australia. i mention to him that Michael Franti has just tweeted that he is doing a show in Adelaide that night (which, it turns out, is about 8 hours away from where my friend lives). more importantly, Michael Franti then tweets that he is doing a show in Melbourne the next night. and so my friend got tickets! and this morning (which is his this evening), he Skyped me into a Michael Franti show halfway around the world!!

so , here is my self-portrait. from Australia! (it totally counts!)

seriously. SERIOUSLY. this is just about the coolest thing ever!!

moral of the story? if Michael Franti is doing a show nearby, you go! and also? I *HEART* TWITTER!!

will you take a self-portrait today? leave me a message and let me know!


Rob said...

Yay! Michael Franti rocks!

Duffy Batzer said...

Well, now I have a new musician to check out. Be back after an iTunes run!

John said...

I'm guessing this is where the "I <3 Skype" tweet came from - what a great story.

I need to check out his music.