Friday, November 17, 2006

For the boys 'over there'

last night was opening night of 1940s Radio Hour at Brunswick Little Theatre. i was exhausted, and really wanted to stay home and sleep, after the week i've had at work. of course, i went, and it was a great opening night.

my jaws ("chops") were really tired. i've played the sax/clarinet 4 nights this week already. that is a TON, considering i haven't played at all in 19 years!! the other musicians were asking me how i was enjoying the experience. i can honestly say that it has been a blast. michael and nick keep me in stitches throughout the whole show. and listening to them play is a treat.

i am soooo thankful that i have an ear for music, and an appreciation of music. it makes my life so much richer.

a wilmington paper gave us some great press. all in all, it's a fantastic way to kick off another simplified Christmas season!!

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