Monday, November 13, 2006

once, i had a wire whisk

i bought a trendy kitchen aid gadget set, mostly because of the solid-handled wire whisk. i loved the thought of feeling the weight of this utensil. i loved the thought that it would match my kitchen aid kitchen.

and then. and then my monster-in-law came for Christmas, and we didn't have a gift for her. so... i wrapped up the gadget set and gave it away.

and now, my last wimpy wire whisk has bit the dust (o.k., well it's been several months now. i just couldn't stand the skinny, poke-me-in-the-palm whisk any more.) with the holiday baking season just around the corner [and let's face it - since i won't be watching any season's eatings, i'll just have to make my own], i've renewed my search for the perfect whisk.

or whip? which is it?

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