Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Of Charlie Brown and Cider Pie

we are staying put for Thanksgiving this year. and the rest of the family is headed elsewhere. i am thankful for the break (and thankful that i get to see my family all the time).

with no cable, there's no macy's thanksgiving parade, although there are places we can go to watch it, if the spirit moves us. we didn't get the gas logs hooked up in time either, so no cozying around the fire.

however, there IS netflix, and turkey and our first Thanksgiving in our new home. i'm going to try a recipe for cider pie (linked from not martha, and i plan on sitting down and writing a note to a blogger who has touched me, connecting two little corners of the vast internet.

i'd like to get myself organized for holiday season. my goal is for it to be as simple and as wonderful as last year.

how does your family celebrate Thanksgiving?

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