Tuesday, June 10, 2008

five hundred something to go...

it is hotter than hell outside.

i waited until after 8 pm to walk, and i still arrived home drenched.

i haven't run in over a month, i think.

i have gained 6 pounds in two months.

i cannot believe this body ran a 10K just two months ago.

bloody hell...


Hannah said...

Running in the heat is horrid. I try to imagine myself sweating off even more fat- it helps sometimes. Be sure you are super hydrated as well. I come to a point where I accept the fact that I will be drenched after a run and adjust my routine accordingly.

You DID run a 10k, all is not lost. This last month was a set back but by no means defines you as a runner. Your body will remember and thank you for getting out there and hitting the pavement. You have to trust that after a week of making yourself go that you will get back to the point that you want to go.

I'll get off my soap box now and just end by saying that I am cheering you on- 2000 miles away.

carlo said...

oh lelly, lelly, lelly. my soul sister, to be sure...

i am so with you on this.

i HAVE to get into a groove. but how?

i need to. i know i need to.

summer is kicking my a$$ and it was supposed to chill out after our busy may.

oh goodness. help!!!!

carlo said...


ignore my last comment.

i should be INSPIRATIONAL and not whining on your blog.

i picked up the non-runner's marathon guide and it is cracking me up. i hope it will motivate me.

oh and i love the "melting off fat" comment from hannah. i will try to remember that.

once i actually run again.