Tuesday, December 30, 2008

spt - my holiday is filled with hope

the time is now, the place is here.
stay in the present.
you can do nothing to change the past,
and the future will never come exactly as you plan or hope for.
dan millman

we were late pulling our Christmas cactus out of it's dark hiding place. it sort of sat on the counter all season, taunting us. "i'll show you!" it seemed to say, every morning as i savored my coffee. "i can be stubborn, too," it pouted every evening, as i put away the dinner dishes.

despite it's best efforts of defiance, on Christmas Day we were welcomed with tiny buds. this morning, there are more, and i couldn't resist the message in those hopeful pink flowers.

the time is now, the place is here.

happy new year!! may you awaken each day with the promise of hope in your heart.


Becky said...

What a great photo and message, Lelly!

Happy New Year :)

Janiece said...

I have never had a Christmas Cactus, but after your post I am going to go get one.
We sometimes need something tangable to remind us that there is hope.
Happy New Year

linda said...

What a beautiful message Lelly.

My Christmas cactus was gorgeous this year, blooming right on time. It was amazing to me that the beautiful pink buds knew just when to sprout. They were in full bloom Christmas week.

Chris said...

I have never had a Christmas Cactus. Sounds beautiful. I like your message of hope. Happy New Year Lelly!

carlo said...

wow, your message is full of hope. i love it.

thanks for the inspiration and permission to take time this month. it has been a great spt series.

can hardly wait for january!!!!!!!

happy (almost) new year

Lene said...

I love that quote.

What a message of hope.

amy m said...

I've always loved the Christmas Cactus and how it blossoms in the winter. Great message of hope.

Happy new year!

rebekah said...

i have such a black thumb. i've killed cacti before. flat out killed them. who does that?

i really think green is a great color on you.

Kim Sue said...

I can't seem to get myself together yet to do my own SPT but I love yours and I can't wait to go visit everyone else's hopeful-posts!

mommy nurse said...

Is that all you need is HOPE to get a plant to grow! Now I will have to try that....Happy New Year! I have to tell you we went to Chicago this week and my husband came running home, we need the camera, I found this bank called SBT, we have to take your picture by it! I broke his bubble when I told him it was SPT! He does listen sometimes! Sorta!

Jenny said...

That makes me want to go out and get one and I have them just down the street from me. There is nothing like the cactus bloom. They are just lovely!

Alisha said...

:) That's a happy post! Thank you!! And happy new year to you, too. It's gonna be fine in 2009.

Liz said...

I want to get one too! Happy New Year!!!

Amy said...

What an inspirational cactus! =)

Thank you for your nice comments. I've loved participating in SPT! I'm very new to it, but will sure be a regular in no time. Thanks for such a fun activity!

Amanda :-) said...

I'm glad you still have faith and hope in your cactus. Those plants have always driven me insane. I don't have the patience, and your thoughts on it are exactly where I am going wrong, I can clearly see now. Oh, and yes, if we can all wake each day with hope in our hearts that would make life a complete breeze. What a great sentiment, thanks!

Anonymous said...

What perfect timing and representation of what hope is!

Thank you for another year of self portraits and reflection and fun. These topics have really turned into some of my favorite posts.

Kelly said...

I love your quote, and this was a refreshing take on this. I loved it! I hope your cactus keeps blooming away for 2009!

Little Oregon Bug said...

I'm a little late on this week's SPT, but it was fun! :-) I really liked this one.

Alisa said...

just barely got mine put together!
I loved your signs of hope.
I "hope" it keeps blooming!