Wednesday, December 31, 2008

in lieu of gingerbread

the gingerbread wasn't going to happen this year. (do you know how i really feel about gingerbread houses?!? if not, you can read about the gingerbread escapades here and here.)

in fact, not much holiday *baking* was done at all. well, aside from the gorgeous loaf of herbed cheese bread i made. have i mentioned the herbed cheese bread yet? (note to self: track down photo of gorgeous herbed cheese bread...)

never one to be swayed from his routine, jack *settled* for another project. he got out his cookbook and landed upon the *perfect* holiday dessert... shortcake. in december. really, i couldn't have been more thrilled. (never mind that it called for out-of-season fruit, and for more of that covering-the-counter-AND-my-hands-with-that-awful-flour stuff.) it was to be shortcake. (thank goodness my recent triumph over the herbed cheese bread had me feeling like i could handle the flour thing again!)

slicing the fruit (this kid has serious knife skills.)

sprinkling the sugar.

here he is, ladies and gentlemen, your next food network star!!


Lene said...

Wow I could use some of his help here.
At first when I read it I thought is said shortbread...perfect for the holidays. Then when I saw the strawberries I realized shortcake. So where did you find strawberries that were good?!?

Kelly said...

YES! That's my kind of kid. He can come live at my house any day!

Jill said...

I'm impressed! My son has no desire to ever help in the kitchen, and that bums me out.

Amanda :-) said...

Really, are his knife-skills good? I was just overseeing Erin's slicing skills tonight with mushrooms and hoped I was setting her in good stead for an accident-free future of dicing and slicing.
Erin was using a serrated knife...Jack's looks like it's unserrated - very clever!!

(urgh, I'm verging on boring myself here!)

Anyway, well done, Jack. Erin will be amazed to see him chopping the day after she was doing it. Spooky!

Natasha said...

Now that's my kind of kid!

We didn't get around to much holiday-ish baking this year with Kim being sick and all. I am sad I didn't make gingerbread men.

carlo said...

love it! great choice.

we did a lot of baking but no gingerwood house this year, sadly.

your bread sounds lovely.