Monday, December 18, 2006

17 december - make a gingerbread house

jack and i had our annual gingerbread adventure while matty worked. jack was seriously tired from his sleep over, and i was seriously regretting agreeing to do another gingerbread house. i have royal icing issues.

we were smart enough to put the pieces together so they would stay standing while we decorated. at least we learn from our bad experiences (2004, 2005...) but the icing. the icing. i can't stand the smell of it, the feel of it, the way no matter how much i twist the icing bag, some of it oozes out the back end. i can't stand the way it turns to cement immediately when you drip some on the table, yet when you try to glue a gumdrop on the side of the house, it persists on dripping, dripping, DRIPPING!

the amount of cursing i do under my breath during these gingerbread adventures is going to cost me in future therapy for jack, i can just tell. i need to just give it up!

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