Friday, December 15, 2006

14 december - have hot chocolate with all the fixins

wow, hot chocolate (as opposed to hot cocoa) is reaallly rich. i don't think any one of us took more than a few sips!! it was fun whisking the chopped up chocolate into the milk. and we even had a little science lesson, trying to explain why the whipped cream that we put in the bottom of the mug floats to the top when we add the hot chocolate.

anyway, after hot chocolate, it was off to printing labels for Christmas cards and making treats for the cookie exchange at school today. thanks to the world of blogging, i found this great idea that was perfect for child-with-short-attention-span participation. bagged 'em up and tied 'em with a bit of ribbon, and jack fell asleep watching the bonus material on 'The Santa Claus' of wolfgang puck making cookies and hot chocolate.

oh, it makes my teeth hurt...

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