Friday, December 01, 2006

1 december - visit at max's house

last year, i was intrigued enough by this holiday project to sort of "give it a go." (via loobylu ).

i got far enough along in the process to come up with a list of 24 activities that we could a) handle financially, and b) accomplish among 2 working parents and a 4 y.o. full-time student, without all of us spontaneously combusting after dinner.)

where i got stuck was the execution of the project, because i wanted it to be PERFECT. i wanted it to look like the picture above. sigh. (this is about the point in every project where i stop. it is soooo difficult being stumped by perfection!!)

anyway, i got enough out of my list of activities that we had a rather enjoyable holiday season, and completed a handful of the fun ideas i had compiled. it definitely added to the overall enjoyment of our simpler Christmas.

this year, i got a little more organized, pulled the list back out (tweaked it a little), and prepared to welcome december 1st. it is a nice tie in to the start of the Advent season, which, we are learning, plays an important role in the Swedish holiday celebration. of course, i was up past eleven last night, stressing over what the final project was going to look like (!). it's not fancy. i'll have to share a pic later.

anyway, jack was thrilled to read the activity for today, a visit at max's house. honestly, the visit was already planned so that we can go to mat's Christmas party tonight. i'll try to blog all 24 activities. i'm really looking forward to it.

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