Thursday, December 07, 2006

5 december - learn a Swedish Christmas custom

in an effort to learn more about the heritage of each side of our family, we spent some time this evening talking about how Christmas is celebrated in Sweden (mat's side of the family.)

we talked about St. Lucia day (and how we most likely could not celebrate that in our house, given that there is no daughter, and jack is not quite able to prepare breakfast in bed for us!!)

we learned about the jultomten. we had a set of 4 tomtes in our house growing up (my sisters still argue over whose is whose...) after mat and i were married, my father made a trip to Sweden, and was able to pick us up a tomte for our house. now jack is convinced that the tomte is helping Santa by keeping a watchful eye over our household.

we also learned about the traditional celebration of "Little Christmas Eve," featuring a julbord (the Christmas smorgasbord). i think we are going to have a Little Christmas Eve open house, which will be a great opportunity to show off our house!! (i'm planning baked ham, meatballs and rice pudding, but i think we are all in agreement that we'll skip the lutfisk!)

later in the evening, we watched Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and it struck jack that Mrs. Claus looks a lot like our tomte. (he's going to have to be extra good now...)

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