Tuesday, December 26, 2006

23 december - Little Christmas Eve

we had a lovely open house, with just the right amount of people stopping in. matty saved us by doing ALL of the food prep. it's amazing that he enjoys cooking again. he's still a mess in the kitchen, but i definitely notice that he's making more of an effort to clean up behind himself.

i tackled the rest of the house, with jack in tow. he really wanted to "help." it was just so aggravating, because i was in my uber focused mode, and i felt like everything he was doing was a) creating more work to be done, and b) not fitting in with "the look" i was going for. UGH! why am i cursed with the stress of needing things to be JUST SO. i mean, so what if the piece of ribbon he taped on the pantry door looked awkward and chintzy?!? sometimes, i just need to get over myself!!

but, back to the party. we had plenty of food, featuring the baked ham with root beer glaze, and swedish meatballs on our julbord. we puzzled, and played board games, and all in all, it was a perfect evening.

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