Sunday, December 31, 2006

december 2006 - a recap

wow. i had every intention of summing up our wonderful holiday season, complete with photos!. however, i seem to have misplaced the USB cord for my camera... rrggghhh.

so, for your non-viewing pleasure, i will now scroll the photos on my camera and tell you about them(in no particular order):

Little Christmas Eve - alas, i did not take any pictures the whole evening!! it was a great evening, though, and i'm sure we will continue this tradition. oddly enough, mat and i have done some sort of entertaining on Christmas Eve most of the years we've been married.

Our Christmas puzzle - we finished!! all but one piece! ack - between the month it sat out, and the moving from room to room, we seem to have lost track of one piece of snowy sky. i still have faith it will turn up.

Christmas Eve candle - we lit the red candle in the window when we got home from church. this is a lovely, quiet tradition that i look forward to carrying on.

hhmmmm, something tells me this isn't quite as exciting for you as it is for me! i am so thankful to have the entire collection of advent activities forever captured in this blog. it was the perfect way to jump into this blogging thing!! i'm looking forward to continuing this *tradition* in 2007!

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