Sunday, December 17, 2006

16 december - special treat

the activity today stressed me out!!

originally, we were going to go to the holiday flotilla over on the big lake. however, i had a call a few weeks ago to set aside the date for a get-together at the home of a family we know. the get-together was to be followed by jack sleeping over for their son's birthday.

well, the thing is, we have a very awkward relationship with this family. neither mat nor i feel like we've really "clicked" with them, despite many efforts. many. efforts. they recently moved several hours away, but are keeping their home on the island as a weekend retreat, for now.

so, there was this loose invitation, and i didn't dare tell jack that there was a sleepover involved, in case it fell through. we just kept thinking they would call when they got into town to give us specifics about the evening. we wandered sort of aimlessly through the day, knowing we were expected to make an appearance at their house. we were all pretty tired, and even spent part of the afternoon watching a DVD. that is unheard of for us!! squandering away a saturday!

(it felt pretty darn good...)

we have no current phone number for them, since their cell phones have changed, so we literally had to go to their house to see if there was a party!! i had all sorts of schemes in my head of how we would turn around in their cul-de-sac if no other cars were there!!

turns out there were a few families there, and they ended up having 7 kids sleep over, and jack enjoyed himself, and matty and i endured the endless small talk. we have nothing in common with them!! even though it seems like we would: we have children who are close in age, we have similar education levels, we have similar tastes in music, in decor. we just don't.

all in all, it just felt like a wasted day and night. in my opinion, if you are still struggling with small talk with a couple you've known for almost two years, you need to just go your separate ways, and not try to force a friendship. it just seems so much more complicated when the children are all friends.

maybe this is why i feel like i have so few friends? does anybody else struggle with this?

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