Monday, December 11, 2006

9 december - trim the tree

today was the day we got our Christmas tree! we had fun in wilmington this morning, stopping by the crafts store and target. we got out of target with only a new coat for jack, some pjs and 2 action figures!! i fondly remember the days when i would visit target daily!! over the past few years, i've had to scale down on the target adventures (it helps that it's over 20 miles away!!). i definitely appreciate that i've cut down on the clutter in my home since i weaned myself. there have been several times that i've seriously gone into target looking for something to buy, and have made the better choice for me, and walked out!

the tree is so cute! it's a narrow tree that jack picked out. matty said he wanted a narrower tree for the space we have in our new house. it's funny, becuase the pictures of trees that have been appealing to me this year are tall, skinny trees...

it was just a magical family day for us. saturdays have become so special for us, since it's the only day of the week we are all together. i remember those long, long saturdays when matty worked doubles, and jack and i would lock horns all day long. i don't miss that time.

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