Tuesday, December 05, 2006

4 december - do a Christmas puzzle

it was coooold last night! below freezing, which is about 20 degrees colder than normal for our insulated beach area. a perfect night for working a new puzzle in front of the fireplace. i found a Santa puzzle at The Christmas House (thank goodness i didn't have any more money with me... i could have spent sooooo much!! the puzzle is 1000 pieces, which is a HUGE amount for jack. i think he is a little overwhelmed by the number of pieces. he would drift away, and come back to work a little bit at a time. i, of course, was riveted to my spot, determined to get the border put together. i came close!

here's a pic from the parade on saturday. note our creative use of tinsel to decorate our 'elves.' that didn't last long!

here's a shot of jack on a "shocker slide."

today and tomorrow will be very hectic for me, with the QA inspector set to check in this evening. thank goodness our Advent activities are well-planned, and give me some down time at home. i'll be puzzling away!!

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