Monday, December 04, 2006

3 december - write letters to Santa

jack and i spent the entire day in our pajamas, while mat was at work. i guess yesterday took a lot out of us.

it was fantastic to have the fireplace hooked up finally (yay, mat!), and we lounged around, watched a few holiday videos. i did typical sunday chores, and took a few minutes to 'organize' the boxes of Christmas decorations that have taken over the front room.

we read stories, and i even played the piano for awhile. it was cold and rainy outside, and i can't think of a better way to while away a sunday afternoon.

when mat got home, i did run out to the grocery. he made burgers for us, while we lit the advent candle. jack was very nervous about saying a prayer, because it had the word "Jesus" in it. and Jesus died (eventually, jack.) he really is going through this phase of being scared about the most random things. well, seemingly random. it's been difficult to have him physically attached to me almost every moment of the evening. i'm sure this is a manifestation of stress (the past few months have been very stressful around our house...) i'm hoping he will continue to grow out of this.

anyhow, we tried to talk a little bit about what advent means to each of us, and i stressed that, for me, it is a time to be quiet and thoughtful, and to light candles and think about a time when our ancestors lived in the cold darkness. i continue to be intrigued by the links between our Christmas traditions and the ancient Solstice traditions.

as for those letters to Santa...we didn't get very far! mat was in bed by 7:00, and jack had no more concentration left at the end of the day. ah, well.

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