Tuesday, December 12, 2006

11 december - go to a Christmas concert

in what has sort of become a tradition, jack and i attended katie's chorus concert tonight. i had visions of the two of us dressing up, having some dinner, and enjoying an hour of holiday music.


here's the thing: i have a 5 y.o. son with a LOT of energy. literally. he cannot sit still for longer than 15 - 20 minutes at a time. and he's a multi-tasker (much like me, much to my chagrin.) for example, he will sit still for reading, but he'll fidget with a toy while he's listening (maybe he needs more visual stimulation?) and these days, he's very sensitive about getting one-on-one attention, liberally using the phrase "nobody loves me," to pepper his running commentary.

so a high school chorus concert rates pretty low on his list of fun-things-to-do. i thought ahead and let him bring a bag of toys, thinking he would quietly play while they sang. i spoke to him ahead of time about my expectation that he NOT slide around on the floor. ("but they MOP them").

we had a great time at dinner. and the first few moments of the concert (pre-singing) were fine. but, there was nothing for him to look at (visual stimulation), the majority of toys in his bag were cars, so he had to slide around on the floor with them (the 'mopped' floor), and i agreed to watch after his 18 m.o. cousin (why are you only paying attention to him?)

so, again, i spent the concert out in the hallway, hushing, pleading, apologizing. way to set us up for success!! sign the kid up for an activity he is predisposed to despise!

note to self: jack does not enjoy concerts. how about an evening at the skating rink instead...)

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