Tuesday, December 26, 2006

24 december - Christmas Eve

i woke up this morning and puzzled and puzzled and drank coffee, and relaxed. mat and i took turns running out for a few last minute items. and jack pretty much entertained himself while having an early viewing of a DVD that matty bought him for christmas.

we gathered ourselves together and went to church. it was a beautiful service, and thanks to all of the "families" it was loud enough that we didn't get too sensitive about jack energy aura. the minister, whom we just met at my parent's house few weeks ago, gave a sermon that really spoke to both matty and i.

they finished the service with one of my favorite traditions: the singing of Silent Night to candlelight. i remember doing this at St. Francis in Potomac, and of course, it reminded me of the candlelight service at Holy Trinity in Greenport. i am so glad we went to church, because i've really been feeling an emptiness there.

jack had a quick bath, and fell asleep quick as a wink. so did matty! i had the whole evening to wrap presents and listen to the Messiah. while savoring a few glasses of wine, i listened to Christmas Music presentations on public television. until i realized that it was after 2 am!!

i never saw santa, though!

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