Monday, December 04, 2006

2 december - Christmas by the Sea Parade

today's activity was riding on the hotel float in the annual Christmas by the Sea Parade. (again, an activity which has been on the books for awhile. all we had to do was show up, set up the float, and ride!)

we featured Santa riding in a Cloud 9 bed, obviously pointing out that Santa chooses the Hampton Inn for the best night's sleep!! the crowd seemed to really enjoy it (a little more than i was anticipating. perhaps it was just the holiday spirit??)

one woman called out, 'how can i get a good night's sleep like that?' and mat quickly responded, 'make a reservation!' sometimes he really slays me with his quick wit. i was very thankful to have him ride with us.

as a surprise, jack's friends who were visiting for the weekend, showed up just in time to hop on the float. jack was thrilled, and i gave myself a pat on the back for keeping it a secret. (ok, granted, i only had to keep it a secret for about two hours!!)

following the parade, we settled in with our friends for dinner (which was supposed to be homemade for my birthday!) they had all been tailgating during the parade, and were pretty sloshed by the time we got there. we stuck it out, they ordered in some Thai, and the boys played together until we were all about ready to fall asleep.

we tried to watch "Miracle on 34th Street" when we got home. almost as soon as it began, i had second thoughts about jack learning anything about the questionability of Santa. i certainly am not ready to be a part of chiping away at his innoncent beliefs. i don't want there to even be a flicker of a doubt in his mind at this point!! fortunately, he fell asleep pretty early on, and i didn't even finish watching the movie. i am totally O.K. with perpetuating the story of Santa Claus!

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